I Wish

I wish I could be a rockstar. I wish I could be an athlete. I wish I could start a business. I wish, I wish, I wish! 

Have you ever heard someone say that they wished something could happen or that they wished something could be different? I know I have. I’ve personally wished for friends as I sat down watching T.V. I’ve wished to become a singer as I was sitting down doing nothing. I’ve wished for a million dollars. 😂  I’ve wished for countless things. Some were good, and most were pointless. I’m glad I didn’t get most of the things that I wished for. 

Do you remember when you were ten? For me I definitely do since it was only five years ago, but, for others it may have been longer. Think back to Christmas, what did you want for a present? An action figure, Barbie, candy, a Power Rangers movie, anything you can think of.

Myself personally, wanted a Barbie jeep. Aren’t those things awesome?! I could picture myself in that bright pink Barbie jeep. I could picture that amazing toy with me in it, all my friends wanted one. They’d see me in it and I would instantly be cool. I wished, and wished for that Barbie jeep. And I NEEDED that jeep. I was positive I would die without it. (But I’m alive and writing today so I guess I didn’t die!!)  So around came Christmas and the last of the presents, no Barbie jeep. I was so disappointed! And I was 100% sure that I would get it because I wished, and wished. And because I wished super hard I was going to get it. 

Now, looking back I’m glad that I didn’t get that because what in the world would I do with a Barbie jeep??? What use could it possibly have now? 😂 

But that’s not the moral of the story, the moral of this story is that no matter how hard you wish. Or no matter how badly you want something no amount of wanting or wishing is going to bring you any closer to your goal. Sure there’s Christmas and birthdays that you can make up a ‘wish list’ and people will (within reason) usually get the top of the list. But in life we don’t have a wish list. 

I want this job, and I want this amount of money. I want this many friends, and I want this and this. 

Sadly, that isn’t exactly how life works. As I said before, no amount of wishing is going to get you anywhere. So wether it’s pursuing your dreams, or really pursuing anything in life you have to go after it. You have to work for it, with all your heart because shortcuts only hurt you in the long run. 

My Dad and I just watched this 80’s movie called, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ (not exactly a movie I would recommend) The main character pays the most popular girl in school to date him, the nerdy, unpopular kid; for a month. As I’m sure you can guess, his plan backfired after he lived the ‘popular’ life when everyone found out. Now I’m not saying to go after popularity but this is just an example of taking a shortcut. (and in movies, everything usually works out better than it does in real life.) 

So wishing or taking the shortcut to your dream isn’t going to help you. As I love to say, have patience, practice, and work hard. You guys got this! 


“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.”

~ Wayne Huizenga


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