Where do I even start???

So wishing your dream will happen doesn’t work. So what do I have to do to get there? You have to actually do it. Actually go after your dreams. I know scary right!?

Something I usually do when I want to go after my dream is practicing the piano for hours upon hours a day. While it’s still fun that day, the next day I sit down to play I don’t want to. Because of all the hours I had put in previously I feel like I don’t need to practice today. So how do we avoid such a circumstance? So glad you asked! (Or rather, I kinda asked for you!!)

1: Set Goals

Set realistic goals, don’t set a goal of making ever single shot to go perfectly. Don’t expect to play the piece perfectly on your very first time playing. So, set a goal of practicing every day for fifteen to thirty minutes a day or something like that. Put reminders on your phone to do it. At first it may seem really fun but you may start to loose interest in practicing. I’ll conveniently forget to practice when I don’t feel like it. But the truth is, wherever I start practicing I feel better about my dream and I feel more accomplished. (Oh! And I don’t feel like a coach potato which is nice!!)

2: Set End Goals

If you’re practicing and practicing every day you can get discouraged about your dream because you aren’t going anywhere. Ok, so I’ve practiced and I’m pretty good; now what?? Set a goal for every week, every two or three weeks or even a month. Depending on what it is you’re practicing you’ll want to adjust your time commitment to practicing that particular piece non-stop. (Or more regularly than you usually would.) So set a goal of say, making ten shots in a row from the same spot for basketball, memorizing a musical piece, a speech, or even learning something new in your area.

3: Don’t Work On The Same Thing Everyday

In my post, Patience…Again?!Β I put up a challenge. To practice the same thing everyday for the next two weeks. At the start of those two weeks you’d take a video of you doing that something then you’d practice. And in two weeks on the 25th of April you’d take another video. We often don’t realize just how much practice helps. So then with a before/after video we can compare just how much practicing makes a difference.

But, that said, don’t just practice the same thing everyday. You can practice that piece everyday but I would put in something else into the mix. Practicing the same exact thing with no change for two weeks may improve your skill drastically but, it won’t improve any other skills. You’ll get very familiar with that particular piece and may start to forget or your skills may degrade without practice.

4: A Finishing Touch

Now, after practicing said piece show it off to the world! (Ok, maybe not the entire world. It could be family and friends!!) You may be insanely amazing alone at your dream but, with others around you could be nervous and may not be able to do the same thing at the same familiarity as before. So be sure to show your skills around to others. If you have stage fright, (I’m sorry! The first time I played piano in public my fingers were shaking so badly I could barely play! You’re not alone, don’t worry!!) It’s good to get out there, because if no one can see your fantastic dream then you won’t be able to go anywhere outside of your home with it. I know it’s super scary but seriously, it get’s better! Your stage fright will go away. For me I’m usually super scared until I just do it. (with the exception of that first piano ‘concert’!) Then it won’t seem so scary I promise! Don’t worry about others in that moment, focus purely on what you’re doing. And most of all, don’t forget to smile! It may sound stupid and unnecessary but even if you’re faking it, it will make you feel better.

So with all of that, I’m not saying these are the steps for you in particular. These are some things that I like to do, so yours may have some extras or even less than I have here. I’d love to know what your dream is, leave a comment with your dream. Who knows, maybe someone else will have the same one!

β€œAll who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible.”

~ Orison Swett Marden


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