Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge: Horror

Thank you, Finally Unchained for offering me the opportunity to enter into your challenge. This is amazing!! I’d encourage you guys to check out his site and look more into his challenge.

It’s pretty cool, it’s called: Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge. 

Basically the rule is to write on the topic (this week is horror) and it all has to fit into 100 words. Mine may not be super ‘scary’ but it’s kinda a funny story behind it, which I put after the challenge part for those of you who want to read it. 🙂

So, here it is:


Larry woke up with a dreadful feeling. He jumped out of bed and made his way carefully to his roommate’s bedroom. He listened intently at the door but heard nothing. Slowly, he cracked the door open and peeked inside. In the dimly lit room his fears were confirmed. Bob had been murdered. His best friend had been brutally killed. Red liquid stained the room, the putrid smell of death lingering there. 

This monstrosity had to be abominated. Such an evil in this world doesn’t belong here. I must avenge Bob. 

The culprit would pay dearly…all tomatoes would pay dearly.


Here’s the story behind this, um, interesting ‘horror’


I’d like to thank my best friend for coming up with this crazy idea. We both don’t like tomatoes and were trying to come up with an argument against why they should be demolished. (sadly, we really don’t have anything except for the fact that we hate them!) So…what better than to frame one for murder right?! 

And then I’d like to thank my dad for sarcastically starting this little story. I put up a reminder on my phone to write this; little did I know that it was on the family reminders. (Oops!!) Under notes he began typing some of it. So the first bit, that was him; with some modifications of my own to fit in all the words! 😜





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