Spreading The Word

Ahh! Sorry I haven’t posted! My goal to post every day was kinda interrupted due to a surgery. Apparently I no longer need my wisdom teeth. So I’m really hoping that this doesn’t mean I’ve lost all my wisdom. 😬 Uh-Oh! Well…on that note, here’s today’s blog about your awesome dream. (Very hopefully filled with wisdom! 🤞)

So we’ve established that pretty much most people have these amazing, fantastic dreams, right?! So what’s the first step in making that dream happen? No, don’t worry! This isn’t another post on me telling you that you need to have patience. (although, now that I’ve started…haha, don’t worry!) So, if it isn’t having patience and practicing and all that, then…

It’s sharing your dream with someone other than yourself! How are you going to accomplish your awesome dream if you don’t tell anyone? How are you going become this amazing _____ if you don’t tell anyone that you want to become this dream?

I was thinking of ideas for more topics within these ‘dreaming’ posts. My Dad came up with this one and I immediately thought it was stupid. I mean, everyone knows that right? Then I came to the realization that even myself didn’t quite ‘know’ that. Sure, I’ve told some people. But then I thought of most of the people that I know. Sometimes they find it super surprising that I’m really into music. Or that I’m a musician. Then I thought (I know, thinking; dangerous!) If I have this dream and I’m really, really interested in pursuing it then shouldn’t I tell most everyone I know??  Shouldn’t it be something that I want to tell people the moment I meet someone?

You can’t be afraid to tell people your dreams, they shouldn’t laugh at them. Because these dreams that we have are important, and they are very realistic. If we pursue them and put in the work then why can’t we do these things??

So don’t be afraid to tell others your dream! The only way they can support and help you through this journey is to actually know what this journey you’re on is. So tell everyone, tell those closest to you, tell others you know who have the same dream. Go to a local place that does something in the area of your dream. I went to a radio station and got some great advice on how I should go about pursuing my dream from people there. They didn’t discredit me for being young. In fact, they encouraged me to go for it and keep going for it because now, while I’m still in high school; is the best time to pursue my dream. But it doesn’t matter if you’re 8 or you’re 80; pursuing your dream is a lifelong goal.

So go pursue your dream!


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