A Journey To Joy

Over the weekend I went to a funeral. Now I didn't know the girl who died. I only knew her parents. She was in her thirties and believed she didn't have anything to live for. Going to the funeral there was a TON of people there. There was a slideshow of her life. There was … Continue reading A Journey To Joy


A Leap Of Faith

My dad’s been working at the same company for 8 years (I think??) he has to travel all over the northwest almost every week. He’s in sales but never really loved it. He’s good at it but doesn’t enjoy it. He never liked it because he never got to spend a lot of time with … Continue reading A Leap Of Faith

Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge: Horror

Thank you, Finally Unchained for offering me the opportunity to enter into your challenge. This is amazing!! I'd encourage you guys to check out his site and look more into his challenge. It's pretty cool, it's called: Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge.  Basically the rule is to write on the topic (this week is horror) and it … Continue reading Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge: Horror

I Wish

I wish I could be a rockstar. I wish I could be an athlete. I wish I could start a business. I wish, I wish, I wish!  Have you ever heard someone say that they wished something could happen or that they wished something could be different? I know I have. I’ve personally wished for … Continue reading I Wish